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Sirene Skincare

Terra Recovery Moisturiser

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Our Terra Recovery Moisturiser is rich and deeply moisturising with an olive oil base, carrying essential oils of rosemary, palmarosa, geranium rose and clary sage. Perfect for dry or mature skin, use it as a night cream or beautifully protective moisturising layer at the start of the day. Available in a 60ml pot.

The term Terra means 'earth or land' - our products feature only ingredients that are plant-based and natural. Since the dawn of time, we (particularly women) have possessed a deep, instinctual knowledge of how to take care of our bodies using the bounty that Mother Earth offers us. In modern times, we expose ourselves to a multitude of chemical ingredients every day and it is now time to reclaim our wisdom, take care of our planet and let her take care of us in return. 

Key Ingredients:

Olive Oil – antioxidant and hydrating

Rosemary – soothing and reduces puffiness

Geranium Rose – anti-inflammatory and tightens skin

Clary Sage – alleviate stress and promote wellbeing

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