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Sirene Skincare

Purifying Pink Clay Cleanser

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Containing only organic ingredients, this cream-based cleanser uses white clay to withdraw impurities and mildly exfoliate plus fine pink clay to reduce inflammation and improve skin elasticity and cell renewal (courtesy of the silica present in the clay). We've added palmarosa essential oil to cleanse and hydrate and you'll also receive gentle exfoliation leaving you with soft, supple skin and a balanced complexion. Available in a 60ml pot.

Pink clay is great for all complexions and doesn't remove natural oils so this cleanser works equally well for those with dry and sensitive skin. We use French pink clay which contains minerals that are perfect for acne-prone skin; drawing out toxins and removing dead skin cells resulting in brighter skin and increased blood circulation.

Palmarosa penetrates deep into the skin cells to retain moisture and balancing sebum. As well as smelling incredible, it also supports emotional wellbeing - you'll find it in most of our skincare range for this reason. In case you're wondering about the scent, palmarosa is actually of the lemongrass family (so you won't smell like nana).

Apply to your face with a gentle rubbing motion, apply water and further exfoliate before washing off with water.


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