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Sirene Skincare

Balance Me Body Oil

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Our organic and vegan Balance Me body oil is made with the young woman in mind to increase confidence and wellbeing, particularly around your period. The oil base is made from oils that enhance female wellness whilst the aromatherapy blend contains a complex combination that work together to promote calm and provide relief. Available in a 100ml bottle.

Use this oil to worship your body as it navigates pre-menstrual hormones whilst life continues rushing around you. In ancient times, women would retreat together to bleed but in modern life, we must make time amongst our busy schedules to honour our body around menstruation. Apply after a bath or shower for supple skin. *Not suitable for use during pregnancy.


Key Ingredients: 

Oil Blend

Evening Primrose - promote skin health and prevent PMS

Rosa Mosqueta / Rosehip Oil - firms and repairs skin

Organic Sunflower Oil - soothes and moisturises


Essential Oils

Lavender - promotes good hormone health and calms

Rose - menstrual relief and reduces anxiety

Geranium - reduces anxiety and increased pain management

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