Our Story

Created by Rebecca Lindon, Sirene Skincare is a plant-based beauty brand with a focus on returning women to their innate connection with nature and Mother Earth.

Since the dawn of time, women have possessed a deep, instinctual knowledge of how to take care of our bodies using the bounty that our Earth offers us. In modern times, we expose ourselves to a multitude of chemical ingredients every day and it is now time to reclaim our wisdom, take care of our planet and let her take care of us in return.

Sirene products are hand-crafted in the mountains of Mallorca near our home, with all ingredients locally-sourced and some wild-harvested from the land around the production house. Our skincare is paraben-free, organic, cruelty-free and where indicated, vegan. 


It is our key personal and business value to tread lightly on the planet and interact with nature responsibly. Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible in Spain and some (such as our aloe vera) harvested on the land around our production centre with zero environmental impact.

Our manufacturing team are family-based and our products are hand-made, mixed and poured.

Our packaging is completely recyclable and re-useable. Our labels are made from eco-paper which unfortunately may stain during useage - we deem our environmental impact to be more important than aesthetics. We hope you agree.

Giving Back

We are partnered with TreeSisters whose aim is to rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation. For every order made at Sirene Skincare, one tree will be planted through TreeSisters to help limit the impact of climate change. If you would like to further support with a donation of your own, you can do so here