Plant-based skincare, made in Mallorca

Since the dawn of time, women have possessed a deep, instinctual knowledge of how to take care of our bodies using the bounty that Mother Earth offers us. In modern times, we expose ourselves to a multitude of chemicals every day and it is now time to reclaim our wisdom, take care of our planet and let her take care of us in return. Find out more...

  • The best cleanser ever used

    I use this cleanser when I feel a breakout coming and it literally soothes the spot out in 3 days for my skin. ALSO my skin is hyper sensitive & this pink clay works like magic. So grateful.

    Alaina M

  • Beautiful oil!

    This is my new favourite body oil. It smells like heaven, leaves my body feeling silky soft and smooth, and I love that it’s working with my hormones to instil that inner calm. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another bottle!

    Samantha H

  • A little jar of face glow!

    I love this little jar of goodness and I look forward to applying it every night. A super soft hydrating texture makes it so pleasant to use. I highly recommend!

    Hyacinte C